Pro Solutions ~ HOA Assessment Collections

About Pro Solutions:

Janet Quinn Dennis Founded Pro Solutions in 1996. Her firm specializes in HOA Delinquent Assessment Collection and & Mediation. The business has grown in the past 14 years. Her staff is dedicated to providing stellar customer service to their clients in collection of delinquent assessments as well as Mediation.

In 1992, Janet became a Certified Mediator. She volunteered her time working with a community based mediation service providing free services to the community. It was her way of “paying it forward” to those that cannot afford ADR. Janet performed many mediations for her CID clients and truly believes that mediation instead of litigation works for many people, parking, pets and petunia issues and benefits our communities.

In 1980, Janet developed and managed a CID department within Tarkington, O’Connor & O’Neill, a San Francisco based firm. The firm provided collection services for our clients, first exclusively with judicial foreclosure and then by non-judicial foreclosure.

Prior to working with Common Interest Developments (CID), Janet was a paralegal both for the United States Attorney’s Office and private law firms.

During her career, Janet has had the pleasure of volunteering her time with CAI. She has chaired the Bay Area’s Legislative Action Committee and has been a delegate of the chapter’s California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC). CLAC is the largest advocacy organization in America dedicated to monitoring legislation, educating elected state lawmakers, and protecting the interests of those living in community associations in California.

CLAC is fondly known as the Chapter’s BIG MOUTH COMMITTEE. I have always been proud of that distinction. The bigger the voice we have as an industry, the more we can protect the one’s we serve!

Janet is looking forward to serving the industry for many more years to come.

“I never hesitate to refer a client to Pro Solutions.”
Beth Grimm, Esq.,
Law Offices of beth Grimm