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Our Services:

No hidden costs

Full disclosure of all fees and costs generated on a file. If something extraordinary happens that would require cost sharing by the HOA, Pro Solutions would make that clear and obtain approval before the costs are imposed.

Bankruptcy Services

We file Proof of Claims on behalf of the HOA with the Bankruptcy Court and monitor the homeowner’s plan, whether it is a repayment or discharge. Advise HOA of collectability of pre-petition portion of debt and work with HOA accounting representative to correctly split accounting according to the details of the Bankruptcy.

Small Claims Court & Post-Judgment Assistance

Filing of Small Claims actions. We also arrange for personal service on the delinquent owner. In Small Claims Court, we prepare the necessary paperwork for the judge’s review and the client’s court appearance thereby proving the HOA’s claim against the delinquent owner.

Once judgment is received, file the necessary documents to perfect the HOA’s judgment and perform all post judgment activities, such as preparing abstracts, processing paperwork for wage garnishment or levy of bank accounts.

Superior Court Preparation

We gather all necessary documentation for use by counsel in filing a Superior Court Complaint. We work with counsel to obtain the court judgment and perform all post judgment activities, such as preparing abstracts, processing paperwork for wage garnishment or levy of bank accounts.

Skip Tracing

We subscribe to many data bases that can determine the current address of a foreclosed owner. Should we fail to locate the owner with our resources, we work with a Private Investigator to locate an owner and or locate a current employer for possible wage garnishment.

Determination of collectability of lender foreclosed accounts

Many factors are considered such as whether the foreclosed owner can be located, whether other real estate is owned or whether the delinquent owner is employed. This will assist in determining whether further efforts to locate a foreclosed owner is worth pursuing.

Other factors taken into consideration is whether the foreclosed owner has filed bankruptcy or now lives out-of-state.

Also, if the owner is a senior citizen and the only income is Social Security, collectability may be impossible if the money is a protected class and cannot be used to satisfy the judgment.

Pre and Post Foreclosure Demands

Processing demands in escrow whether it is a sale by the current owner to a new buyer or whether the lender has already foreclosed and is now flipping the unit to a third party. Consideration on whether any part of a special assessment can be paid by the lender in the escrow.

We specialized in working with brokers and lenders on short sales. Negotiation is certainly the key. Our goal is to protect the HOA and not reduce any principal amount. Review of disclosure documents in escrow a key factor in negotiation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Our principal is a certified mediator who has been working in the CID industry for 30 years. Common disputes (people, pets, parking, and petunias) are the typical topics that are perfect to use Mediation instead of Litigation. Not only are the issues resolved sooner at a fraction of the cost to the parties, but it makes better neighbors and increases community when owners can be part of the resolution. It is always a win-win.

Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR)

We assist the BOD in the preparation of a request from an owner to appear before them (or portion of them) to discuss a disputed account. We gather all necessary documents, including updated accounting, and provide them with an updated status report so that they can address the owner’s issues. Thereby, resolving disputes internally, instead of hiring a Mediator or Attorney.

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